Smart Electricity System

Eco conditioner

Air conditions account of a significant share of energy costs, routine maintenance and service contracts may not be sufficient in ensuring optimal operation (duct leaks, failing parts and clogged air filters) are all responsible for a spike in power consumption.

Eco conditioner is a smart energy monitoring solution uses machine learning algorithms for continuous sync the temperature, humidity and CO² , also customize the operational needs and fults detection time. wich save up to 25% of energy costs.

Eco Building

It’s a solution uses the Internet of things and edge computing
technology to help energy and facility managers improve the
performance of their buildings by an easy application platform.

Eco buildings solutions become the brain of the electrical
panels , logging usage data and detecting anomalous for each
equipment’s separately.
the data are transmitted securely to the based cloud over Wi-Fi
network where it can be shared, analysed and downloaded.